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iEPOS Order Entry program is designed to be used by touch screen monitors, as well as keyboard and mouse. It is used for taking deliveries, Collections, in-shop and Eat-In orders.

The highly intuitive consolidated order entry screen eliminates the endless navigation between the different screens, which makes order taken quick and fun. iEPOS offers an advanced point-of-sale solution that increases restaurant efficiency while helping you maximize the life and value of your investment.

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Perfect for restaurants and takeaways


  • User Friendly Interface

    It is made to be quick and easy to learn, to minimise staff training and to allow users of all levels to get the most out of the software.

  • Customer Accounts

    Once your customers’ details are saved after the first time they call, the next time the customer calls the system will recognise the customer and therefore it takes less time to take the order.

  • Drivers

    You can assign drivers to orders. You can see how much your driver owes you, and how long it has been since the driver has left the shop.

  • Meal Deals

    With the likes of pizza hut and dominos offering a wide selection of meal deals and special offers it is imperative that you are not left behind. iEPOS has the capability to calculate meal deals and special offers automatically.

  • Reports

    You can access reports that show you how much money has been made on a certain day or week, saving you endless hours with your calculator.

  • Table Management

    With iEPOS you can move, join and change tables that your customer is sat at easy.

  • Security

    You can now control which member of staff has access to which part of the system. By creating different passwords to allow access to different features or using swipe cards, the security of your shop is guaranteed.

  • Split Bills

    With consumers asking to pay separately after they have ordered, iEPOS generates a receipt for each consumer, saving your waiters time.