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SMS Marketing

Get the edge over your competition. Here at EPOSinfinity we offer all the services you need to set up and deliver your special offers to your customer via SMS marketing campaign.

Tell other about your latest and the best offers you have on, your numbers and web site address.

Send messages bring more orders, it is as simple as this

Why use SMS marketing?

  • Cost-effective marketing channel
  • Mobile ownership is high and engagement is too
  • Send as many or as few messages as you like
  • Texts are quick to send and immediately opened

Send offers via SMS

With higher response rates than emails and leaflets, SMS text message marketing could become your medium of choice for delivering your takeaway marketing promotions. Takeaway marketing with leaflets, posters, or emails takes time. Bulk SMS marketing means you can create and send short, personalised SMS messages to hundreds of customers in minutes. You can even schedule when your messages are to be sent in advance.